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October 13, 2023

 Major Residential, Biz Development in Northern Mohave County Gets Planners' OK

By: Dave Hawkins, For the River City Newspaper (Mohave Daily News)

KINGMAN — A major development proposed in north Mohave County has the initial blessing of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Unanimous votes during Wednesday’s meeting have the Commission recommending Board of Supervisors approval of a major general plan amendment and a number of zoning requests for a master planned community along U.S. 93.

“Entrata” would feature a cargo airport component in a mix of development that would include homes, schools, parks and businesses. Most of the 10,100-acre project would be situated near White Hills and the rest to the south outside Dolan Springs.

“The majority of the site is in the White Hills vicinity near U.S. 93 and White Hills Road with the remaining portion at the Dolan Springs vicinity near the intersection of highway 93 and Pierce Ferry Road,” county planner Matt Gunderson told commissioners.

Project applicant/agent Kathy Tackett-Hicks said the 20-50-year development would deliver to locals who are starving for services, employment and amenities.

“The residents of Dolan Springs and White Hills have consistently discussed over the years the need for better roads in that area, better sheriff’s protection,” Tackett-Hicks said. “They don’t have a grocery store. There’s no bank up there. There are all sorts of service things that need to be added or that people would enjoy and the Entrata development does provide many of those things.’’

Al Barbarich owns all of the property for the project. He’s focused on business opportunities including development of an airport option while capacity runs low at Harry Reid International in Las Vegas.

"We’ve got a unique opportunity along the I-11 corridor to institute logistics, regional distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and really create good high-paying jobs, new tax revenue, expanding the tax base and brand-new infrastructure,” Barbarich said. "We’re trying to create a vibrant community starting with a blank canvas.”

Combat veteran Steven Ulman said Entrata would destroy the post-military peace he discovered and he doesn’t want aviation trappings in his backyard.

“You have an airport 30 minutes north. You have an airport 30 minutes south. Why do you need an airport right there,” Ulman queried. “Why ruin what’s left of the nature and beauty and the stars will go away.”

“We have enough cities,” agreed Leroy Edelman, another resident favoring a quiet and rural lifestyle. "Where are people like us supposed to go for our quality of life that don’t want the shopping, the airports?”

Many other area citizens, conversely, spoke in favor of the project. Kingman resident Don Martin said Entrata deserves objective consideration as opposed to the scorched earth opposition recently aimed at renewable energy endeavors.

“We’re kind of caught up in this hysteria about all these projects being promoted here in Mohave County — the hydrogen, the solar panels,” Martin said. “I think that in order to be fair we’ve got to give everybody an equal chance and opportunity and look at each one of these opportunities, these proposals, not in a blanket thing but look at them individually. Look at them on the merits and if there’s problems, look at those, too.”

County supervisors will consider the commission recommendations during the Nov. 6 Board of Supervisors meeting.

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